Who are the OrganiCity team?

In OrganiCity we are experimenting how we should experiment. We have tested the model for Experimentation as a Service at a local scale first, before expanding it to include other cities. We have also tested this service across different countries to evaluate how cultural differences could impact the model.

The first phase of the project focused on three cities in Europe that have extensive experience in using data and digital technologies to develop their urban spaces: Aarhus, London and Santander.


  • Aarhus University
  • Aarhus Municipality
  • Alexandra Institute

Smart Aarhus is an initiative based on partnerships and participation which strives to make Aarhus and the central Denmark region leading in smart cities. We do this via several engaging platforms such as the festival Internet Week Denmark and our Open Data portal, which has led to the national, cross-municipality network Open Data DK. Together with other strategic city lab investments, like the Dokk1 civic center, Aarhus City Lab and the co-creation spaces of Godsbanen and Institute for (X). All of these activities are the reasons why Aarhus is one of the leading Smart Cities in Scandinavia and Europe. OrganiCity gives citizens, organisations and companies in Aarhus an opportunity to participate, discuss and collaborate in the Smart City process via usage of the OrganiCity technical environment, city experiments and open calls.


  • Future Cities Catapult
  • Intel
  • Imperial College London

London is a global hub for innovation. Future Cities Catapult, Intel and Imperial College London work on cutting-edge projects across academia, businesses, cities and citizens. Together, they have extensive experience in sensor deployment and convening a diversity of stakeholders in demonstrators with people at their core.

We offer Experimentation as a Service in collaboration with the London Datastore (a free and open data-sharing portal where anyone can access more than 700 datasets) and the Transport API (Britain’s first, comprehensive open solution for transport data).

OrganiCity offers Londoners the opportunity to participate in the design and development of a more robust and interoperable space, to participate in open calls, and to execute experiments in the city.


  • Santander Municipality
  • Cantabria University
  • TST

In the last years Santander has become a real smart-city ecosystem, bringing the users at the center of the city design. By means of extensive and practical community engagement activities, such as Santander City Brain, Pulse of the City and periodic technology meet-ups, citizens, municipality and other partnertships are collaborating together in the city shaping. But the best is coming through two new exciting projects that will change the face of the city by powering and enriching the city data: the setup of a Smart City platform as a repository with business intelligence and the implementation of a physical and virtual city card that will improve the interaction and experience of people with the city. As a result, Santander open data portal is continuously increasing the available data. All these initiatives make Santander one of the most outstanding smart cities in Europe and an urban lab for developing new ideas and experiments.

Santander City Council, University of Cantabria and TST are the team members responsible for bringing OrganiCity to Santander. Following the trend of these last years, OrganiCity supposes an opportunity for Santander citizens and companies to continue, and even increase, their participation and collaboration in the city improvement in a co-creative and inclusive way.


The OrganiCity team

The OrganiCity team is formed out of the following organisations:


Where can you find OrganiCity?

For the first time, in 2017, we will begin onboarding new cities into the project through our open call.

If you live outside of our three core cities, you can still experiment in Aarhus, Santander or London, or alternatively, you can set up a new OrganiCity yourself! Check the details of how to do this on the open call page.



API: Application programming interface, these allow you to connect and send or recall data from a server or platform.

Smart City: Smart cities incorporate technology, data and devices to improve urban environments and make them a better place.

OrganiCities: Cities that offer OrganiCity’s Experimentation as a Service framework.

Experiment: Testing an idea at a small scale through various methods (including data and technology) to tackle a specific urban challenge.