What is OrganiCity?

OrganiCity is a service for experimentation, which explores how citizens, businesses and city authorities can work together to create digital solutions to urban challenges.

What is Experimentation as a Service?

OrganiCity facilitates a service for anyone in the city to experiment with data. But what do we mean by Experimentation as a Service?

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What do we mean by experimentation? Learn more
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What is our Experimentation as a Service framework?

There are many ways to offer a service of experimentation. Learn more about the framework that OrganiCity has developed for experimenters.

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Who is the OrganiCity team?

The OrganiCity team is made up of innovation and data specialists, academics and city authorities from across London, Aarhus and Santander.

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Who can participate in OrganiCity?

Co-creation and inclusivity are two of the underlying principles of OrganiCity. So, if you’re keen to collaborate with others to address urban challenges, we’d love for you to participate in the project!

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The OrganiCity Consortium
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