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This week we made more progress with using the APIs and began to experiment with some other Organicity tools.

Some of the main tasks completed this week:

  • Create an initial filter view using just one entity as a test
  • Create a view in the database for Organicity API
  • Use postcodes to find georlocations
  • Use matched entities to create aggregated view in database

Our assets are ready to insert and we have started making a simple app in Tinkerspace with a basic map to show nearby assets, but because the API was down we were not able to test whether these assets showed. We are still having trouble recruiting beta users. Our plan is now to canvass for feedback from fellow members of the Rain Cloud Victoria startup hub. We would also be happy to review other Organicity Experimenters’ work in return for them reviewing ours.


On Thursday, February 23rd we will take part in the OrganiCity workshop organized by our partner AirPublic. Our engineer Fabrizio Dini, designer and lead developer of Magenta’s TrafficFlow sensor will attend the event at NewSpeak House, 133 Bethnal Green Road, London. We already collected one month of traffic data. We hope to be able to show some interesting finding at the workshop.



Co-creation in Action: Envisioned cooperation with an Outdoor Fitness club and City tourist agency for co-creating the content about the beauty of the city and its neighborhood. Outdoor Fitness brings people in the nature and activate them. City tourist agency needs “fresh” content for making the city attractive for tourists. MyCityBeauty supports people for taking photos of the nature during the fitness training, which are shared with tourist agency in order to co-create “active” content about the City Beauty. OrganiCity as the bridge between different service providers around the same goal: I love My City (Beauty)



This week, us at Tranquil City held a successful and very busy interactive workshop at the Urban Innovation Centre called ‘Walking through the Tranquil City’. Participants were asked to map their typical routes in London and then we presented them with our Tranquil Pavement Map to see how it would change the way they route through the city. The Tranquil Pavement Map includes crowd-sourced tranquil spaces and areas of low noise and air pollution. We wanted to understand how by increasing the awareness of tranquillity in the city we can help drive a change to promote healthier walking/cycling routes. The challenge for the teams was to find the most ‘tranquil’ route and we will be calculating each teams percentage improvement in terms of noise and air quality exposure this week. The winning team will be announced next week and they will win an ‘extra year of healthy life’! Thank you to everyone who participated!



MobiliCity, after having technical issues inhibiting is from using all the tools to full capacity, have, with the help of the OrganiCity tech team, figured out a way to upload our data to the OrganiCity platform so that we can use the tools. On the non-technical side, we are still actively recruiting users of the app, both with mobility impairments and without. We continue to communicate with our volunteers and assist them with uploading their data, using the app, or any other questions they may have.


This week, we further refined and produced the physical design of the casing for the data and voting devices. A device typically exists of one e-ink display, which is wireless. For our experiment in Santander, we need about 30 of such devices and 5 interactive versions, which are shown on the pictures below. To ensure the interactive devices also remain wireless, we integrated the DUL radio tool. We soldered 3 buttons on each DUL radio. On the software side, we finished the first version of the interface tool for citizens: they can add text or visualisations of Organicity data, and keep track of the votes.

pld-update1 pld-update2




When: Thursday, 23 February 2017 / 18:45 – 20:45 GMT

Where: Newspeak House, 133 Bethnal Green Road, London. E2 7DG

‘OrganiCity Workshop: Co-Creating Better Cities’

The EU’s OrganiCity platform’s first experimenter period is coming to an end. What have we learned, and how can our use of the platform better inform the development of these tools?

The European Commission’s OrganiCity experiment is a new EU project that puts people at the heart of develop of future cities. OrganiCity aims to apply co-creative practices to the development of three leading European areas developing smart city technologies and practices, London, Santander & Aarhus.
Rather than looking for the perfect solution from the get go, the OrganiCity project is focused on experimentation, on iteration and of building new tools together – both with citizens and collaborating with other experimenter projects and companies.
The OrganiCity experimenters, including AirPublic, have had four months to test, use and evaluate the experimenter platform. At this event we’ll be giving our thoughts, reporting on the use of the platform and inviting you to contribute to the discussion on the direction of the OrganiCity platform’s future development.
We will also be reporting on our experience of connecting our prototype mobile air quality sensor platform to the OrganiCity platform, including our use of OrganiCity’s tools such as Sensinact, the Urban Data Observatory and use of OrganiCity APIs.

Register for the event here.

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