Smartbuy is an H2020 Innovation Action, which aims to help businesses of all sizes have an online presence in order to remain competitive. The project converts physical stores into a ‘smart mall,’ enabling customers to search products and services from local stores through a centralised portal.

Smartbuy upholds that people still enjoy physical shopping experiences, but that “in order to keep up with the online shops, small and medium sized retailers should offer online services.”

Smartbuy works through OrganiCity to analyse their data and take advantage of the infrastructure provided by the FIRE initiative. They also benefit from the IoT Innovation Lab to validate their smart buying platform.

A key element of the OrganiCity Facility is that citizens not only play the role of ‘data producers,’ by providing data about the city via participatory sensing, crowdsourcing and social networks, but they also play the role of ‘data consumer’ by developing services on top of data, processing datasets and analysing datasets to provide new insights.

Smartbuy plan to produce four datasets regarding:

(a) retail stores;

(b) the products and services offered by retail stores;

(c) the location of WiFi networks; and

(d) user ratings and reviews regarding the retail stores and their products and services.

Smartbuy is an OrganiCity site provider under the OrganiCity Experimentation as a Service Facility. As a result, all the datasets released by Smartbuy can be accessed by the users of the FIRE+ facilities, through the EaaS API, and via the Urban Data Observatory.

To learn more about Smartbuy, visit their website at


The Smartbuy project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 687960.

Smartbuy is a product proposed in the framework of Information and Communication Technologies: H2020 – ICT-12-2015 Integrating experiments and facilities in FIRE+ Innovation actions.






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