Open Call

How does Santander use data?

Public administrations are currently working to open their data for citizens. They hope that this will:

  • Increase transparency with citizens
  • Improve public services
  • Stimulate innovation and promote economic growth

This is governed by the principles of open data:

“Provide internet access to public information, making it available to citizens in digital formats, standardized and open, to promote transparency, reuse and allow the creation of public and private value-added services.”

This promotion of transparency and re-use of data is one of the main challenges addressed in the city’s Innovation Master Plan. To uphold this ambition, Santander has released a catalogue of open data that can be accessed through the website, Datos Santander.

Datos Santander provides interested individuals with access to a complete and varied list of datasets, available in various formats and classified in diverse themes, such as traffic, transportation, town planning and shopping.

Applications created from this data can then be shared through the portal, enabling developers to promote their work and share their insights with other citizens who may not be as technically skilled.

In addition, the portal is considered to be a Data Demonstrator, which graphically presents some of the most interesting resources available in the Data Catalog of the City of Santander. It also serves as a model or example for potential future users to benefit from and develop new applications.

Data demonstrator


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