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Santander organizes an entrepreneur breakfast dedicated to business opportunities in the Smart City context

Santander City Council, through its Local Development Agency, organizes periodical meetings with local entrepreneurs in a series of events called ‘Entrepreneur Breakfast’. On the 15th January it was held a new edition titled ‘Business opportunities in the Santander Smart City context’.

In this event, apart from the participation of Noelia Espinosa, Employment and Business Development Councillor, and José Antonio Teixeira, Innovation General Director, several technicians of Santander City Council carried out a presentation of the Santander Smart City context and the set of innovation projects in which the city of Santander participates.

After this context was displayed, the set of resources currently available and useful for a business activity was explained and developed. Namely, ‘Santander City Brain’ as a way to collect business ideas and Santander Open Data Portal as a rich information source for business assessment and planning were two of these examples.

Also, as a source of financing for starting innovative projects, the OrganiCity open-call was pre-announced. Main details of the requirements and guidelines for participating were explained.

The degree of interest aroused gave rise to a change of the usual venue in order to accommodate the big amount of registered attendees. After the presentation, a great and fruitful discussion was held about the resources and the Smart City environment.

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