Open Call
Startup Europe Week

Santander City Council introduces OrganiCity open call to Local Entrepreneurs

The Startup Europe Week is an initiative of Start-up Europe / European Commission to celebrate entrepreneurship with the peculiarities of European culture. In this sense, a set of events, workshops and speeches are held with specific relevancy to the local reality; so far, it has been organized in more than 40 countries and 200 cities across the continent and last week was Santander’s turn to host it.


Santander City Council has been invited by local organizers to give a speech called ‘Resources and business opportunities in the Santander Smart City Environment’. During the event an introduction to Santander IoT infrastructure, the channels for citizens’ participation and the set of applications already running were explained.

As important information for entrepreneurs, the features and conditions of the first OrganiCity open call which will be open shortly, was comprehensibly described. It’s worth noting these news received a lot of interest during the speech and during the post-speeches networking activity.

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