City Challenges

Santander City Challenges

OrganiCity has been on the lookout for the challenges that Santander citizens are facing on a daily basis. Santander cluster had conversations with locals, citizens have captured their experiences on Instagram and their inputs in the Pace of the City app and Santander City Brain have been analyzed analyzed (more information about the process can be found here). After this process, three crucial challenges that are relevant for residents in Santander were identified: urban mobility, neighborhoods improvement and the environment.

Urban mobility

Mobility within the city is one of the major concerns of Santander citizens. They feel the bus service around the city takes too long, in special when they have to change buses: “To go to work I have to take 2 buses and it takes me an hour… So I go by car and it takes me 15 min.”, and could be more frequent: “In summer the problem is worst buses are full and can’t get more people”. When they opt for using their own car to access the city center, they have difficulties to find parking spots downtown, as a citizen comments “the downtown shopping area is dying because parking is a problem: it should be easier and cheaper”.

Your experiment can facilitate or encourage more sustainable, active or social means to move to the downtown; reduce the perception of wasted time in public transportation or their difficulties with parking.


Neighborhoods improvement

Santander citizens take pride in their historic neighborhoods, “In our association we are trying to recover the sense of the neighborhood, the relation between neighbors”, and want to make the most of their local surroundings. They want to improve their sense of safety, the accessibility to the highest areas of the city and the maintenance of street furniture, “Rubbish containers are really dirty”, “There are areas in the downtown with excess of public lights, but the surroundings of the downtown have poor street lighting” were some of their comments.

In general, citizens wish neighborhoods that keep their traditions but being restored and well maintained.

Your experiment can help the locals collaborate with the maintenance of their neighborhoods, preserve traditions and nurture the pride for the local spaces.



The citizens value the natural environment of the city and the green areas available, as they say “I like a modern smart city that doesn’t lose its natural beauty”, “a mix of nature and technology”. Walking paths, bike lanes, parks and the restored bay spaces are the most loved places in Santander.

Your experiment can help improve the environmental conditions and connect with the natural and open air spaces of the city.


We hope these challenges inspire you to create experiments that will have a positive impact in the day to day of the Santander citizens. Remember that our open call will accept proposals for other challenges you might have identified in the city, as far as you can assure that those are relevant for the citizens.

See more examples at #organicitysantander on Instagram or browse “Ideas” in Santander City Brain.

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