City Challenges

OrganiCity present at Gdansk Talks 2016

Santander invited to give a talk about smart cities in Gdansk Talks 2016

Santander municipality was invited to give a talk in the Gdansk Talks 2016 conference, held in Stralsund (Germany) on April 27th and 28th. This year, the annually held International Conference on Security organized by the State Office of Criminal Investigation Mecklenburg – Vorpommern with the Pomeranian Governor’s Office in Germany and Poland respectively has been titled “Mobile Data. Mobile Citizens and Police”.

Comprehensive and detailed information about Smart City Santander strategy and the innovation activities carried out as part the EU innovation funded projects (e.g. FIESTA-IoT, OrganiCity and NETfficient) where the Municipality takes part were given during the talk. Also, a set of innovative projects deployed in the city related to street lighting, water supply and waste management areas were explained. It was outlined the fact that these projects have taken advantage of the know-how and pilot experiences acquired during those aforementioned EU innovation projects.


Santander had a second intervention during the meeting as part of a panel. The importance of federated testbeds and interoperability (like the aim pursued by FIESTA-IoT), co-creation as next level in Smart Cities (like is promoted in OrganiCity) and new challenges in energy efficiency (like those tackled in NETfficient) were brought up during this interesting and fruitful discussion.

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