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OrganiCity Open Call Pre-Launch Held in London

It was a full house at London’s Urban Innovation Centre on Thursday 14th January, when OrganiCity’s London community gathered to celebrate one year of co-creation. Hosted by Future Cities Catapult and OrganiCity’s partners Intel and Imperial College London, this was an occasion for looking back over a year of community engagement, co-creation, technical development and data integration.

In addition to reflecting on past successes, the event also announced OrganiCity’s Open Call for Experimentation, which is launching in the coming months. The open call will enable citizens and businesses to build and deploy their own co-created smart city experiments with OrganiCity’s tools, data from three European cities, and of course, community collaboration.

The evening opened with an introduction by John Lynch from Future Cities Catapult. John introduced OrganiCity to our newer community members, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach to smart technologies – one that takes into account not only technology, but society, the economy, politics and culture. OrganiCity aims to facilitate this kind of smart development through intense co-created experimentation.

Looking back on OrganiCity’s first year and the establishment of the OrganiCity platform, highlights in London included the OrganiCity Futures workshops and OrganiCity’s attendance at the Data Science London hackathon in the Urban Innovation Centre.


Next up, Evangelos Theodoridis, from Intel’s Collaborative Research Institute, and Julie McCann, from Imperial College London, presented the suite of powerful tools for co-creation, data exploration and development, which will soon be made available to support experiments. It quickly became clear that there are tools for all technical abilities, diverse data sets from across London, Aarhus, and Santander and huge potential for the combination of these to inspire innovative and impactful experiments.

The room was buzzing with questions and ideas. We will be posting more information on these tools – here on the OrganiCity website – as they become available in the coming weeks.


Then, looking to the year ahead… the exciting OrganiCity Open Call was introduced by John Lynch from Future Cities Catapult. While call process details are yet to be announced, John explained that the open call intends to run two parallel processes:

  • OrganiCity Open Call – Deadline: Early Summer of 2016 – Will fund experiments requiring up to €60,000.
  • A “rolling” open call – Evaluations for new experiments every two months – Will fund experiments up to a maximum of €10,000.

John emphasised the pillars of a good experiment – co-creation, innovation and the OrganiCity tools – and discussed practicalities, including a promised “light touch” application process. Further information on the Open Call will soon be available here on the OrganiCity website and on our various social media channels.


The evening concluded with the opportunity for our diverse community to meet one another, celebrate the first year of OrganiCity in London, explore potential collaborations and ask questions of the OrganiCity team. We’re excited to see the conversation continue online, on social media and in the city. Keep in touch via Twitter and the OrganiCity London Facebook page or join our mailing list for more information.


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