Smart City

Santander involved in discussions about Smart Cities

Santander meets in Valencia other spanish cities’ representatives to talk about Smart Cities strategies

Representatives of Santander have attended a meeting under the “innpulso” initiative, a Spanish network for those municipalities awarded with the “Science and Innovation City” distinction. This initiative is a meeting point for information and training in which cities take advantage of the interchange of experiences. This time, the conference was organized by the InnDEA foundation and the municipality of Valencia.

During this gathering, with a significant amount of cities belonging to the RECI (Spanish Network of Smart Cities) in attendance, several activities were carried out. Santander had the opportunity to share experiences and explained the aim and current state of OrganiCity project as part of its dissemination duties.


Among parallel events, a representative of Santander was invited to form part as a “mentor” of a “No More Suits” event, an association which promotes entrepreneurship and innovation culture, as well as the collaboration and real support among entrepreneurs, educators and trainers. During the event 3 participants explained their innovative products and business in 5 minutes, followed by a turn of questions and comments. After the presentations, a friendly discussion was held by all the attendees, and the first open call of OrganiCity project was explained, catching a lot of interest.

25 Mar 2016.
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