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First OrganiCity Clinic held in Glasgow

Our second open call has generated some great support from new city hosts across Europe, including Glasgow (Scotland), Brussels (Belgium), Velenje (Slovenia) and Borgomanero and Moncalieri (Italy). Over the coming weeks, we will publish a series of guest blogs written by each city, where they’ll introduce us to their experience and achievements with OrganiCity so far.

This week, we’re hearing from Glasgow Scotland:



STUDIO POP C.I.C. & DOT TO DOT© Community Consortium hosted the first OrganiCity clinic in Glasgow with two didactic sessions in the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET), Teacher Building, and the Contemporary Centre of Art (CCA) on 4th and 5th August 2017 respectively. The clinics were led by Dr Cristian Suau, Laura Petruskeviciute and Dave Ball. It was a great success. More than 25 activists, designers, architects, engineers, teachers, academics/researchers, social enterprises, eco-schools, STEM Scotland, Glasgow City Council, Architecture and Design Scotland, Creative Scotland, Contemporary Centre for Arts, DOT TO DOT© Community’s member and civic practitioners joined the events to share great ideas over the two days. We have secured two sites to deploy our experiments at a small, local scale. Thus, DOT TO DOT© will enable creative people to improve the area by mapping and connecting waste and local communities through live projects and ongoing clinics. Link:

Co-creation with collaborative didactics at IET. OrganiCity Clinic led by Studio Pop team


On Friday 4th August, we identified conceptual frameworks and tested the DOT TO DOT© digital platform (Alpha development). The STUDIO POP team tested DOT TO DOT©, a new social innovation technology, which will be implemented in the Maryhill/Canal areas in Glasgow. On Saturday 5th August, we worked on service design by connecting digital and analogic environments. We also reflected on our ‘superpowers’ as experimenters, post-capitalistic social challenges, architecture as coding and real design, user-centred design, what is a universal vs local community?, civic template apps, geo-mapping, and geocoding.

Viviana from CCA Engagement is presenting her superpowers at CCA. OrganiCity Clinic led by Studio Pop team

Learning superpowers through ideograms at CCA. OrganiCity Clinic led by Studio Pop team


Participants were especially focused on how social technologies can engage fragile communities with real projects.

We invited a diverse community of experimenters, community developers, policy makers, local authorities, innovative social entrepreneurs, researchers and educators, and creative youth to connect waste to design for society. During charrettes, STUDIO POP team reflected on the Trash-to-Cash, a social waste model where ‘remakers’ reuse junk as social currency or a unit of exchange. Facilitators employed didactical methods based on ‘think’, ‘play’ and ‘make’ to inspire participants. We explored the use of analogic/digital mapping and the reactivation of urban voids and waste resources to make green spaces in cities, using systemic design thinking and processes of co-design in the fields of social technologies, open source architecture, low-tech technologies, pop-up architecture, collaborative research and digital experimentations. We put emphasis on interactivity, civic forum and urban games as key play-elements to stimulate knowledge and design exchange at group levels. These learning activities followed on from motivation and learning tasks; unfolding knowledge transfer and group feedback sessions.

Testing DOT TO DOT© mapping development at IET. OrganiCity Clinic led by Studio Pop team

Participants agreed to co-participate in the OrganiCity Open Call. We encouraged them to invite creative citizens and experimenters and propose innovative social technologies for the city of Glasgow and other Scottish cities. We also shared the event contents and outcomes with experimenters in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Santiago de Chile. All attendees received electronically the ‘certificate of attendance’ from STUDIO POP C.I.C. and DOT TO DOT© Community Consortium.





OrganiCity Glasgow Video

Many thanks, STUDIO POP team






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