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First Clinic Held in Moncalieri Italy

Our second open call has generated some great support from new city hosts across Europe, including Glasgow (Scotland), Brussels (Belgium), Velenje (Slovenia) and Borgomanero and Moncalieri (Italy). Over the coming weeks, we will publish a series of guest blogs written by each city, where they’ll introduce us to their experience and achievements with OrganiCity so far.

This week, we’re hearing from the Municipality of Moncalieri in Italy:


On the 1st of August, the city of Moncalieri hosted its first OrganiCity Clinic in order to encourage creative local stakeholders and citizens to identify challenges and innovative solutions in relation to the local urban environment that will lead to an OrganiCity experiment.
The Clinic opened with a presentation of the OrganiCity project and open call, as well as the aims of the Clinic, followed by a brief presentation of each participant, including information on their background and needs.

The event attracted a variety of local stakeholders, including representatives of neighbouring public administrations, the private sector, sports and cultural associations, etc., which proved to be very interested and committed. They actively participated in the identification of challenges and opportunities regarding the urban environment of the cities of Moncalieri and Trofarello (a neighbouring city) and expressed their experiences, criticisms, expectations and proposals. This was carried out with the help of post-its and coloured pencils and proved to be a very constructive and enjoyable activity.

Based on the information gathered, a discussion followed that focused on the promotion of active modes of transport. This led participants to discuss the general characteristics of the experiment that the city of Moncalieri should present in the OrganiCity open call.

The OrganiCity Clinic of Moncalieri has been a very successful event! It reached its objective of co-creating the concept of the experiment that Moncalieri will present under the call, and most importantly, it created a “forum” of local stakeholders with the desire to actively contribute to the improvement of the local urban environment.

A big thank you to all the attendees for their motivation and contributions!

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