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Team: Magenta Srl

Magenta Srl’s experiment looked at participatory traffic monitoring with IoT sensors. The experiment was based in the London Borough of Hackney, where a network of IoT sensors was deployed to monitor live traffic conditions. The data collected was then made available on OrganiCity’s Urban Data Observatory tool and was used to measure behaviour changes in correspondence with specific events. Finally, citizens and stakeholders were invited to co-create measurement campaigns, host sensors and contribute to storytelling activities based on the data collected.


“Modern smart cities rely on large amounts of road-traffic data for a myriad of planning, operational, and marketing  purposes. TrafficFlow is an innovative, flexible and low-cost platform for road-traffic data collection and analysis. Based on low-cost sensors equipped with advanced software, TrafficFlow is the answer to our smart cities’ need for minimally invasive systems to improve transport management.”


Testing the TrafficFlow sensors.

TrafficFlow is presenting their experiment and discussing findings with the audience.

As the graphic shows, accuracy degrades gently as perspective in the scene increases. This allows you to achieve effective vehicle counting even from your department’s or office’s window.

Experiment Outcome

Datasets showing commuter activity in East London.


Magenta Lab website

What Happened & What is Next?

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is a web platform for road-traffic data collection and analysis. It is the ideal server-side companion for our TrafficFlow sensors and for VehicleCounter application in general.

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