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Reducing River Pollution with Technology, Education and Community

Team: Do It Kits, founded by Helen Leigh (Steer)

Helen Leigh’s team aimed to reduce river pollution through the use of technology, education and the community. Deploying an Internet of Things enabled water sensing kit, the team captured real-time data of the quality of the River Lea. The sensing kit measured pH, conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP). The sensing station was linked to a local school, who used it as a basis for a class project, where they collaboratively created lesson plans, worksheets and an app using Tinkerspace. Eventually, other educators and students will be able to see, investigate and use the data gathered in conjunction with these lesson plans and worksheets.


The team ran a series of co-creation workshops for the Science and Humanities classes in a state school near the river Lea: introducing the technologies, talking about their local river, exploring the basic science of water pollution and establishing the focus for the experiment.

Experiment Outcome

Helen Leigh developed in collaboration with the school teachers a suitable curriculum for Geography and Biology KS3 and GCSE level. Together they set-up an Internet of Things water sensing kit, which allowed the students to real-time monitor and better understand the water quality of the river Lea.

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