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El desmarque Instasport: Using real-time data from social media feeds to capture audience feedback from sports games happening in Spanish cities

Team: El desmarque InstaSport

This experiment used social media feeds to detect sports events that are happening around multiple cities in Spain and capture real-time feedback from followers of their social media channels. The experiment contributed to the co-creation of OrganiCity facility by creating a new tool, which generates data insights from social media content.

The Team

In the image, from the left are: Álvaro Ramírez (Audience Director), Carlos Tur (Social Media Director), Javier Padilla (Experiment Lead), Tomás García (Chief Technical Officer), and another member from El Desmarque.

"We have now a deeper knowledge on all the possibilities that co-creation has for citizens and companies."


1. Building a database of assets, launch and dissemination
We built a database with assets containing location, weather information and other data from sport events happening in several cities where El Desmarque has an edition. We then invited journalists to inform about the experiment, and disseminate the experiment further to their network.

2. Asking our audience to post tweets about events
We posted tweets from our accounts asking our readers to send feedback about those sport events.

3. Posting tweets from official account
We tried to boost participation in El Desmarque InstaSport by posting tweets from our official accounts. When we did it, some users posted tweets containing information that was useful. But the volume was not enough to keep this experiment working in the near future.

Experiment outcome

Database of assets: We created APIs for location, weather information and other data from sports events happening in several cities.

Online dashboard: We developed an online dashboard of successfully processed tweets.

Lessons learned

    1. While we received some tweets from our readers, we have come to a conclusion: it’s hard to make people tweet about sports events if they don’t receive an incentive. We initially had considered that co-creation was a good incentive by itself.
    2. On the positive side, we have now a deeper knowledge on all the possibilities that co-creation has for citizens and companies.

El Desmarque Website
El Desmarque Twitter feed

What happened & what's next?

  • We are now thinking about how we could take advantage of all the codes we have generated from this experiment. It would be great to allow people to collaborate through making valuable assets freely available to developers and others who can then build apps and services using those assets.
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