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My City Beauty: Addressing urban environmental challenges by engaging citizens with the nature during an outdoor exercise

Team: Nissatech

My City Beauty experiment addressed urban environmental challenges by using a smartphone app. The app allowed active citizens to engage more with the city’s natural environment, by sharing photos with not-so-active citizens during their outdoor exercise and activities.

The Team

Key members were from Nissatech.


1. Requirement Specification and Design
The specification of business requirements, expected benefits and the conceptual architecture were determined. They defined the MVP of the MyCityBeauty system in order to support an efficient pivoting process.

2. MVP Development
MVP (system) was developed, then integration testing and the preparation of the pilot followed.

3. Pilot
This phase consisted of testing the vision for our experiment continuously and producing evidence for the business idea’s added value for potential customers and routes to the market.

4. Co-creation
We established co-creation as the process of incrementally building the content related to beautiful natural environment.

Experiment outcome

1. Mobile app: It consists of several components and enables taking and sharing of the content and photos during a physical outdoor activity. Users can also collaborate with other users on the system through commenting, liking (upvoting) and subscribing.
2. Collaboration with a fitness club: This resulted in usage of the mobile app for developing a community of physically active people who co-create on MyCityBeauty during their outdoor training.

What happened & what's next?

  • We plan to continue the work as a part of our Smart4Fit framework (
  • Iterating the app through co-creation, to add gamification elements, as a way for engaging people even more in their physical activities.
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