OrganiCity Open Call Santander 2nd Clinic (June)

As it has been already reported, the OrganiCity open call for experiments is open and you can submit your proposals until June 29th. On May 20th we organised the first briefing on the preparation of proposals. Given the interest raised, we considered holding a second event to assist potential applicants in this process.

During this second event, we will focus on performing an individual and personalized assistance to all those who show interest in participating, in order to refine their proposals and align them so that their chances of success are maximized. After an initial overall OrganiCity presentation, the focus will be put into working directly with the proposals and resolve any questions that may arise.

In addition, we will also prepare, for those interested, a system to contact other participants to exchange ideas, find synergies and complement skills. Are you a social experimenter in need for a technician to analyse data? Or maybe you are a skilled coder looking for a good idea to apply. Come and let other applicants know!

Event details


Date and time

5:00pm, 9 Aug 2017


Universidad de Cantabria, Edificio de I+D+i de Telecomunicación, Plaza de la Ciencia, Avenida Los Castros, s/n, 39005 Santander

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