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Aarhus City Challenges

An important part of OrganiCity is to make cities better and smarter. To make this process as simple and relevant as possible, the three partner cities have done a lot of footwork to discover specific challenges for each city. The challenges for Aarhus are lined up in this blog post: ready for you to dive into!  

The following challenges are the result of a co-creation process with the citizens of Aarhus. We have talked on social media, in focus groups, in real life during workshops and meetings and, on that basis, we have revealed three challenges that citizens face in their everyday life. The challenges have been developed in close collaboration with the citizens input in two focus groups and an Instagram competition. The conversations produced a number of good quotes, frustrations and smart-thinking, while social media triggered visual proof and concrete frustrations and ideas to solve them


The extension of your living room

This first challenge centers on the citizens’ need to extend their apartments to the urban space. Many people in Aarhus live in small apartments or cramped townhouses in the inner city. They don’t have that much room – but they are close to the pulse of the city and all the possibilities the city offers. A contrast often faced is the need to both live centrally while having the space to breath. A solution can be to foster a strong urban connection between the energy of the city center and the calm of the suburbs; or to make a better use of the different unused places in the city.Lille dreng3

Green lungs

The city life full of opportunities is also full of traffic and, as a result, there is a thirst for fresh air and nature. The citizens of Aarhus want to expand the green spaces in Aarhus while they make the most of the ones around them. Several unused places in the city offer the potential to incorporate more nature in the center. Boring squares, cobblestone squares with a single bench and maybe one bush, squares overtaken by cars… there are possibilities all over the city center.


Time management

The citizens of Aarhus have different rhythms and their lives differ a lot depending on the situation: are you a family with young children? A student? Retired? Career woman or man? A combination? They want flexible rhythms across citizens to connect their different flows in the hectic city pace. Everyone wants to make the most of their time – but how can we make that possible?


These are the challenges uncovered in Aarhus to inspire your experiments.  We recommend that you base your experiment on a city challenge, but you can define your own if you have a specific one you want to address: you just need to have your reasons in order. The challenges are all focused in making the city a better place to study, to move, to enjoy – to live.

See more examples at #OrganiCityAarhus on Instagram.

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