Workshop debrief: Mobility in the City

15th June 2015
Future Cities Catapult, Urban Innovation Centre

The Organicity, Mobility in the City workshop run by Future Cities Catapult captured ideas which might use urban data to help us get around the city in easier, faster and healthier ways.

To start with, John Lynch and Gyorgyi Galik from Future Cities Catapult presented research on the challenges which our cities are currently facing and some visionary potential solutions that have been developed around the world. Then they handed over the activity to the participants.

The groups engaged in a brainstorming session and discussed ideas which could solve challenges such as using urban data and IoT to help cyclists feel safer; enabling higher flexibility and convenience in car sharing; finding the right moment to deliver data that can encourage a positive mobility behaviour change; or opening collaboration between the community and policy makers.

They created ideas that included a game to encourage multi-modal transport, a system for digital hitchhiking and a technology to support indoor navigation for visually impaired and those who explore a space for the first time. 

The issues around mobility are very much unsolved: there is a large field of potential to unlock. It was fantastic to find a variety of backgrounds and industries represented: from digital engineers, academics, students…” Anastasia Vikhornova, who assisted on the delivery of the workshop, believes that “the mix was the key aspect for the success of the workshop. While some were concerned with finding practical solutions that would shift the system, other looked for more playful interventions. The synergy created between these different profiles proves that there is a need to think about mobility from different perspectives.

At the core of the OrganiCity project is the belief that it’s important to bring people together from different backgrounds and with different experiences of the city to draft how we could improve our surroundings. This is key to generating the right uses for our connected technologies, in order to enable citizens to make the most of them.

If you are interested in taking part in the discussion or attending our events, please get in touch.

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