Who can participate in OrganiCity?

The experimenters are at the core of OrganiCity. Groups of citizens, entrepreneurs, businesses, grassroots organisations, research institutes, charities and other communities from multiples cities have taken action to improve our cities.

You can read more about their work on the Experiments section.

Experiments aim to achieve impact with real-world issues, so we encourage communities and experimenters to collaborate with one another to make the most of each other’s abilities and resources. A number of communities who are actively working towards specific causes have joined our Connect section. Browse through these if you want to see which communities are currently active, or join the map if you would like your own cause or community to be represented, so that other experimenters can find you.

Cities are crucial to enable the service. If you are a city representative with an experimental mindset, OrganiCity can help you co-create additional value from data and the Internet of Things, for your city and with your citizens. Learn more about it on our New Cities section.