Urban Data Observatory

The Urban Data Observatory is the browsable catalogue of all the data collected across the OrganiCity cities. You can see the datasets displayed across a map. It allows you to access each of those datasets, visualise the history of data and access real time information from the sensor or device in that location.


The data visualised here is integrated in the rest of the OrganiCity Tools. For now you will be able to browse, search, visualise and download data. Over time, the information included will grow and we will implement an annotation function (in order to allow citizens to make comments on the data). This will be helpful to mark significant events across the data stream. For example, there might be a peak of sound levels during a show of fireworks.

The Urban Data Observatory is a window to see the information included in OrganiCity and should serve to inspire ideas that can be the foundation of citizen experiments. For now, you can browse the beta version.

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