Tinkerspace is a very fast tool to create a custom web app in minutes. Don’t worry about coding: focus on your experiment! Examples of OrganiCity data are available in a set of blocks that you can drag and drop into your application; just like linking LEGO™ blocks.

The data is available as ‘blocks’ in a browsable library. The blocks can be dragged into your composition. When you make connections between them the result will show in the preview screen indicating the final smartphone appearance in real time. When satisfied, you send the URL of the web app to your phone or share it with others. The link to the web app may be saved in your home screen giving a similar appearance as a downloaded app.

TinkerSpace screengrab

In order to use the full scale of OrganiCity data, you can create new blocks in javascript and even offer them to the rest of the experiments community. Tinkerspace can be found at www.tinkerspace.eu. A large screen (15” and upwards) is recommended. The created web apps are platform independent, and so can work across different mobile phones.

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