Smartphone Experimentation

The Smartphone Experimentation toolset lets you run an experiment on the Android smartphones of citizens. You can collect various types of data in the areas you specify on a city. You can use integrated sensor values, locations or interactions (for example, using Bluetooth).

You can use this tool to easily develop a plugin with the standard Android development tools. This plugin will be automatically distributed and deployed to the smartphones of the citizens who volunteer to participate and meet the criteria set by the experimenter. All the data created in this process can be integrated into OrganiCity and shared with other experimenters at the Urban Data Observatory.

Your experiment is transparent to the citizens. While you decide which data you will collect, the volunteers also can decide which data they share and when.

In this process, OrganiCitizens can become a part of their city’s infrastructure. They can contribute by providing “sensing” coverage of large areas of the city and helping experimenters understand the dynamics of their city.

The Smartphone Experimentation toolset requires skills for working with Java and OSGi. The sources for this toolset are available at the below links:

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