OrganiCity APIs

The OrganiCity APIs are diverse and grouped into two categories. The first, “Experimentation as a Service” APIs are designed to support the definition, management and monitoring of your smart city experiments.

The second, called “Federation API” is designed to facilitate the addition of more cities to OrganiCity and also to enable the inclusion of new Internet-of-things assets and services on the greater OrganiCity Platform. The Organicity APIs are evolving and progressively are going to expose more enhanced functionalities as new releases of Organicity platform are launched.

Experimentation-as-a-Service (EaaS) API

The Experimentation as a Service API is a set of low-level APIs that facilitate interactions with the Organicity facility during the process of experimentation. Included below is a high-level description of each API in this category along with its purpose as part of the OrganiCity facility.

Assets discovery API

The Asset discovery API allows clients to list and explore all the available assets of the OrganiCity platform. Alternative methods for discovering assets by querying their attributes, their location and other variables are supported.

Data Source API

Offers access to data that are dynamic and streaming through the OrganiCity facility. These data sources might be IoT devices equipped with sensors, smartphones and any other components continuously pushing data into OrganiCity facility. Through this API, it will be possible to retrieve the latest values from data sources along with data captured from the past. Regarding assets extracted from other open data repositories, the OrganiCity platform manages only the indexing of the assets with the data being stored off the platform. By providing the appropriate URL references, OrganiCity users are able to access the data from these corresponding data services.

Experimentation Management API

Includes set of methods where OrganiCity experimenters can define their experiments (select data sources, define participant communities and so on), monitor and manage their experiments. Community Management API Through

Community Management API (available 2017)

OrganiCity experimenters may interact, during an experiment, with the participating community. Interactions include sending notifications, getting information about the involvement of participants or adjusting the rewards or incentives associated with their experiment.

Annotation API

Enables OrganiCity experimenters to adjust the various parameters of the annotation process for urban data streams and store annotations created by participants on data assets using the service/application created as part of an experiment.

Federation API

The Federation API is a set of methods which enable the management of OrganiCity cities to expose in a uniform way the various IoT assets and data repositories, or actuation services in those cities. Should you wish to add new data sets from Aarhus, London, Santander, or future OrganiCities, the Federation API is the service through which this can be achieved.

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