Opportunistic Connectivity Services

The opportunistic network enabler uses smartphones and IoT devices to build a free dynamic wireless communication ‘infrastructure’ at an OrganiCity partner site. This means that experimenters will have the ability to collect data from data sources without a fixed communication infrastructure or during an infrastructure failure (for example a power outage).

Citizens who register as OrganiCity Experiment volunteers on their smartphones will become part of the dynamic networking infrastructure at Organicity partner sites. Experimenters will be able to select participants to form an opportunistic network. By selecting data sources where data will be collected, the experimenters can use the opportunistic network to then relay that data across the space to specific destinations for free or at very low costs. The performance of the data collection process (delay, packet delivery ratio, no. of hops etc) will also be recorded.

Experimenters will be allowed to develop their own applications based on this framework making use of our routing technology and APIs to their applications. This will become available in the second open call of the OrganiCity project, happening in 2017.

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