DUL Radio

The DUL-Radio allows OrganiCity experimenters to make wirelessly connected sensors, starting with very little technical knowledge. The board features a built-in accelerometer, but also has analog and digital inputs which can be used to connect other sensors.

The DUL-radio transmits data back to the provided “EventBus” software which enables users with a limited knowledge of computer programming to easily create applications and data collection services.

Due to it’s small size, the DUL-radio board can be incorporated in a lot of different setups, from wearables to urban IoT. The DUL-radio/Eventbus package comes as a preconfigured tool-set with a number of sensor boards, a (Arduino compatible) USB radio receiver board and the Eventbus (PC/Mac/Linux) software.

Development of new features and bug fixes will be based on user feedback during open calls.

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