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Santander participatory budget finds its winners

The City Council will spend 700,000€ out of the total 1 million Euros made available to the neighbors to carry out the 13 selected ideas

As published in local newspapers today, the city of Santander will overwhelm the million euros that, for the first time in 2016 had labeled as ‘participatory budget‘. Municipal technicians have revised in recent weeks the 143 proposals forwarded by neighbors to conclude that there are 13 projects that meet all requirements. Bring them up will cost about 700,000€, so that the Consistory saves 30% of the originally scheduled budget.

The City Council says that 40 of these ideas came through the Santander City Brain platform, 97 were extracted from the mailboxes of civic centers and a cultural center and 6 others were filed via registration service. A commission formed by technicians coming from Intervention, Citizen Participation, Transparency and Urban Development services was commissioned to review them and select those that conform to the conditions imposed: the plan would not cost more than 100,000€, it is viable and within municipal jurisdiction.

300,000€ remaining until the million Euros set to spend with the formula of the public consultation will be used for investments in the neighborhoods, to strengthen spending on any of the selected projects or to replicate any of them in other parts of the city.

Since the choice was made, it is not required to summon citizens to vote for their favorite, as explained when the plan was made public. Still, the City Council announced it will open in April “a process for citizens to vote on the proposal they like the most among the 13 selected.” Votes shall be made through the Santander City Brain platform and the author of the winning proposal will win an eBook.

18 Mar 2016.
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