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OrganiCity Santander involved in SETA focus group

Members of OrganiCity Santander cluster team participate in a focus group of SETA project

On April, 25th a Focus Group session of project SETA was organized at the University of Cantabria premises. SETA project started on February 2016 and, funded by the European Commission as part of Horizon 2020, aims to change the way mobility is organised, monitored and planned in large metropolitan areas. The consortium, led by the University of Sheffield, involves 13 European partners, including Santander City Council and University of Cantabria.

The project is heavily based on real world requirements and data. For this aim it will implement use cases in three different but complementary metropolitan areas in Europe, all of which have extensive and intense mobility and transport issues. One of these use cases corresponds to Santander, Spain.

As part of the activities of the project, the Focus Group session was devoted to analyse mobility aspects of the city. Innovation, environmental, public safety and public transportation, among other municipality services managers, were invited to share their ideas and try to feed researchers with rich multi-area information about the current state of the municipality.

Urban mobility is one of the Santancer city challenges identified under the OrganiCity project research activities and it is expected to find synergies between both projects in the near future.

30 Apr 2016.
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