OrganiCity consortium meeting in London

During the 2nd and 3rd of September the OrganiCity consortium members met in London in an event hosted at the Urban Innovation Centre. This meeting brought together the citizen research captured in Aarhus, Santander and London with the technical progress developed across the consortium to aid designing the first OrganiCity open call to launch in January 2016.

The three cluster cities shared their research about the challenges their citizens face. It was very interesting to see how there is an alignment of aspects to improve in the cities. They also presented an overview of the next steps to gather the opinion of citizens and encourage the co-creation stage.

Luca Bolognini, from the Italian Institute of Privacy, was an invited guest at the meeting. He brought expert guidance on privacy and ethics concerns. His presentation was the start of an intense conversation across the group on how we can create a platform that encourages collaboration and considers the privacy needs of its users.

We realise that it has been really difficult to do smart cities right. Cities are cultural, political, beasts. All cities will face a digital transition and, with OrganiCity, we are establishing a systematic way of experimenting in them.” explained Martin Brynskov, associate professor at Aarhus University and coordinator of the project.

Presentation on City Data Users to the OrganiCity round tableWe were looking forward to the presentations on the tools and services that will be available for the experimenters. The different members of OrganiCity are bringing their expertise together to create an Urban Data Observatory and a series of tools for service co-creation. In this line, we had a guest presentation from Tim Brooke (Head of Making at the Future Cities Catapult) that clarified the importance of delivering useful data for experimenters: “There’s a lot of people out there who want to use data, we should just make it easy for them.”

All the partners discussed the foundations of what will become a helpdesk across the three cities to aid participation across the whole process, from proposing an experiment to evaluating its success.

The meeting was a fantastic opportunity for all to come together in a productive discussion. These intense conversations will continue to happen across the partners and you can expect news following ICT2015 in Lisbon (October 20-22) and the Smart City Expo in Barcelona later this year.

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29 Sep 2015.
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