Digital chip to ensure a green wave for cyclists in Aarhus

Investing in the improvement of conditions for cyclists has been a key issue for the City of Aarhus for a long time. Recently, a new service was launched which gives preference to cyclists in city traffic. This will hopefully convince several more citizens of Aarhus to choose this sustainable form of transportation.

DSC_0038The service is based on an RFID chip which is placed on the wheel of the bicycle. If possible, the chip activates a green light for cyclists via a registration box which receives a signal from the chip almost 100 metres before the intersection. At the moment, the service is in a test phase and so far 200 cyclists participate in the test where they are able to change the light to green in a specific intersection in central Aarhus. The plan is to expand the project to some of the most heavily trafficked intersections in Aarhus.


The cycling service is being developed as part of the EU-project RADICAL, which is also part of the Smart Aarhus initiative. Besides the cycling service, a service is being developed which is meant to increase citizens’ eco-consciousness.

Read more about RADICAL at the project website:


24 Jun 2015.
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