Traffic Controlled by Air Quality

Team: Traffic Pollution Flow

This experiment aims for improving the air pollution of a city through changes in traffic management through a limited time period of real-time data gathering. The aim of this project is twofold: to build capacity to swiftly conduct experiments in the settings where solutions have to be implemented and to generate new knowledge about the relation of traffic management to air quality. Combined, the project aims to establish proofs of value of smart city solutions in traffic to health and related public expenses and to the ability to implement new city workflows of prototyping and testing. The team will monitor two stretches of roads of similar design and with consistent traffic flows with sensors. Traffic lights would then be optimized for better health possibilities by altering the traffic flow and registering differences. The team expects an output of experimentation that enables regulating urban installations based on much more citizen-centric parameters than mere traffic flows. This output will enable outreach to citizen groups and encourage open-ended co-creation.

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