Team: OTA Analytics

Citizen science is a valuable method for enabling communities to manage and own their assets, and this project will seek to seed the local communities with the knowledge they need to manage and maintain the devices (and green spaces) over the coming years. The team will co-create initiatives, promoted in local resident societies, schools and community clubs to develop relationships and ideas between key stakeholders. They will quantify water usage, urban cooling, CO2 pollution and rainfall to assess the impact of smart, IoT-enabled, RMS. The primary output for OTA will be a collection of data from a “swarm” (or series) of pilot-scale smart RMS. The data from sites will enable the experimenters to validate that integrated smart and artificially intelligent rainwater management assets can be cost-effectively deployed throughout our cities as autonomous stormwater flood prevention and drought mitigation assets. Life cycle analyses will demonstrate water savings, sewer overflow reductions and urban heat island reductions in real-time. In collaboration with local teachers, the team intends to develop a further output in the form of lesson plans around urban water management for schools, covering water resources, water efficiency, flooding, sustainability and urbanisation.

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