Team: IoTee Lab

The experiment is to measure the filling level of bottle banks, enabling a more efficient scheduling for emptying the containers. The aim is to deploy sensors in defined areas of the chosen municipalities, as well as to involve the citizens in these areas. The experiment will integrate in the OrganiCity ecosystem the main actors/objects involved in the glass recycling process: bottle banks (with dashboards for the recycling unit), citizens (with citizen-oriented portal or application), and for the future and not part of this experiment: collection companies with their trucks (with routes planning and connected navigation systems). The expected output of the experiment is to find the solution for municipalities to measure fill-levels in bottle banks or anything else, that is the cheapest on cost and best in accuracy. The citizens will become an active, empowered partner of this business model. Moreover, citizen’s participation will create awareness around IoT smart city ecosystems and their benefits, including environmental issues and cost benefits.


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