Green Roof Monitoring

Team: Green Roof Monitoring

The project will develop a web-based green roof monitoring service, providing real-time data. This will allow for better understanding of green roof performance and their impact in an urban
environment. The generated datasets could be used for different purposes: improved understanding for policy making, e.g. making green roofs mandatory or impose performance standards; improved understanding for citizens and property owners; scientific research. Real-time monitoring could replace manual maintenance of green roofs (2 times a year), will reduce plant mortality and improve understanding for insurance companies who are liable for damages in case of flooding. In addition, real-time data is the basis for automated green roof maintenance.The team hopes that the experiment will inspire stakeholders – green roof owners, local governments, research institutions and others – by proving that the concept works. They plan to dedicate time to share experiences with the stakeholders, show the potential and invite them to be part of the solution to deploy green roofs on a larger scale.

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