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Co-creating new ways to gather and utilise subjective wellbeing data

Team: Colour-in City

Colour-in City’s experiment aimed to gather subjective wellbeing data with Londoners who have limited access to technology. Working in partnership with Lambeth Early Action partnership (LEAP) Colour-in City is using new digital technology to gather stories and perceptions of what it feels like to be a parent living in social housing in Lambeth. We will explore how parents can ‘colour-in the outlines’ of OECD/ONS wellbeing data by producing and using data about their subjective experience so that they can make changes and shape support that works for them.


“While we know the direction we’re heading in, we’re not starting with a solution in mind. This can be an uncertain and uncomfortable space to be in. Our job as an experiment team, with experience of working in this exploratory way, is to hold the tension this invariably brings. The rigour and flexibility of the design process and our knowledge of the results it can produce is one way we do this.”


Parent’s prototyping ideas for the digital tools.

Designing how the digital tool could work with parents.


Parents share their ideas to improve wellbeing, starting with real stories of everyday life.

Data as real people, not just numbers: Data Art event by Colour-in City.

Experiment Outcome

The design process of Colour-in City experiment. Colour-in-City used co-design to engage citizens in exploring what and how subjective wellbeing data should be collected, and how to analyse and respond creatively and ethically to collated datasets. The experiment was designed to interact and demonstrate impact across two levels: At an individual level, providing conscious awareness of emotional wellbeing & At service level, demonstrating different ways of collecting data.

Typical chatbot questions and replies.



Colour-in City Website

What Happened & What’s Next?

The service provider, LEAD (Lambeth Early Action Partnership) who supported the Colour-in City team during their experimentation was very impressed with their service design approach and the outcome of their co-creation work, which resulted in commissioning the Colour-in City team to develop and implement a service design practice within the LEAP organisation. This involved service design training, coaching and methodology design.

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