Brussels Qualitative and Quantitative Noise Map

Team: Sensifai

Noise nuisance is one of the most important life-quality indicators that has been proved to influence citizens health condition drastically. In this project, the aim is to develop a web-based, and public noise map with quantitative (i.e. volume) and qualitative (i.e. the type of the noise such as traffic noise, construction noise and birds sound) information about the noise in different hours of the day and night such that users can click on any point on the map and check the noise quantity and quality. As the noise map will be available on the internet, citizens will benefit from the system, hence whenever they planned to move to a new location, they can choose an area with lower noise pollution based on the prepared noise map. The noise map will be also helpful for municipalities to tune their strategies and long-term plans. Finally, building construction companies can also use the noise map information to fine-grain and optimize the materials they use in different locations of the city to fight with noise more effectively.

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