Transforming lives and reducing waste in Brixton


The Remakery is a co-operative workshop space that diverts valuable waste materials away from landfill and supports our local community in increasing their skills, confidence and employment opportunities.
Remakery provides workspace and access to materials and tools for local residents, makers, and businesses who then use them to create new products, art, and creative enterprises. The Remakery is committed to contributing towards a zero waste Brixton through innovative re-use and upcycling and initiatives.

What is unique about the community

What can the community contribute?

- Making visible the life-cycle of waste materials
- Getting a better knowledge of the current state of recycling and its successes and pitfalls can help us make better decisions about the materials we store.
- Using digital services to gain a better understanding of local waste streams and which types of waste we are best trying to save.
- Collaborating with repair organizations to help local people get things fixed while feeding mending data back into the system.


Mark Ovenden

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