Strengthening the local food system in Lambeth

Incredible Edible Lambeth

Incredible Edible Lambeth (IEL) is a network of food growers and activists who are working to re-localize the food system in Lambeth so that it nurtures and strengthens the community.
IEL does this by bringing in resources and funding, running programmes and services, and advocating for our members and a more localised food system.
Examples of our previous work include Mapping Food Access in Lambeth project, a small grants programme to support local food growing groups and the development of the food hubs network offering business and horticultural training and support to local residents.

What is unique about the community

– More people use food banks in Lambeth than any other London borough.
– One in five of the borough’s residents works in jobs that pay below the London Living Wage.
– Many residents live in areas of Lambeth that could be defined as ‘food deserts’
– There are now more than 200 projects where people are growing food locally

Our current projects include delivering a Healthy Living programme in four wards, developing a strategic plan for improving the food environment using the Sustainable Food Cities framework, and connecting to the health and statutory sector through our digital mapping.

What can the community contribute?

Space could be shared upon negotiation.

Incredible Edible Lambeth has identified the following projects as possible opportunities for collaboration. They are open to exploring other ideas with interested collaborators:
Increasing visibility of food access issues and programmes in Lambeth (especially in public spaces, e.g. at street level, around bus stops, in community spaces, etc.)
Enhancing the functionality of Incredible Edible Lambeth digital map that combines data about demographics and the environment with IEL projects.


Sue Sheehan

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