Santander sea front

Santander's Experiments:

  • Team: Fstr – Experiment Title: Commuting Santander
  • Team: Nissatech – Experiment Title: My City Beauty
  • Team: CityMakers – Experiment Title: Santander Smart Buddy
  • Team: EUROB CREATIVE SLNE – Experiment Title: Walks in the City
  • Team: RISUM Project – Experiment Title: Real-time Information for a Seamless Urban Mobility
  • Team: Leapcraft         Experiment Title: Breathable Cities (this experiment will be running in Santander, London and Aarhus)
  • Team: Research[x] Design         Experiment Title: Public Like Displays (this experiment will be running in Santander, London and Aarhus)
  • Team: UCSL Lab @ CUT       Experiment Title: DisPark (this experiment will be running in Santander and Nicosia)
  • Team: El Desmarque InstaSport       Experiment Title: El Desmarque InstaSport (this experiment will be running across multiple cities in Spain)

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Santander, Spain

Santander City Council, University of Cantabria and TST are the consortium members responsible of bringing OrganiCity to Santander. In fact, several activities related to Smart Cities have been carried out in Santander and elsewhere during the last few years.

Extensive and practical community engagement activities are currently taking place; such as Santander City Brain, Pulse of the City and periodical technology meet-ups activities. These make Santander one of the most outstanding Smart Cities in Europe.

The periodic input and work in the different open calls and experimentation activities of OrganiCity implies a way for Santanderinos to continue, and even increase, their participation and collaboration in the improvement of the city’s smart platform.

If you would like to collaborate with OrganiCity in Santander we are open to your ideas and we will be happy to have you on board. Let us know!

Santander Events

Past events


OrganiCity 2nd Open Call Preparations Workshop

Centro Civico NUMANCIA, Calle Cardenal Cisneros, 76, 39007, Santander

This workshop will bring together experimenters who have already obtained funding in the 1st Open Call along with people in the know and new stakeholders interested in developing experiments funded by the OrganiCity project.

The previous experiences in the preparation of the experimental proposals will be analyzed in order to identify the good practices and to solve the difficulties and barriers encountered in the previous call. This will conduct to the creation of a route from the conception of the experiment idea to its formation in an official valid proposal.

During the event there will be an exchange of ideas, with special emphasis on the process of experimentation in all its phases.

In addition, participants will be invited to propose some new challenges and will be encouraged to create multidisciplinary teams for the design of experiments. Come and take part of the OrganiCity experience!

Register here for Monday, 10th April, 17:00 – 19:30


OrganiCity Open Call Santander 2nd Clinic (June)

Universidad de Cantabria - Grupo de Ingeniería Telemática - Edificio de I+D+i de Telecomunicación - Avda. de los Castros s/n, Plaza de la Ciencia, 39005 Santander

As it has been already reported, the OrganiCity open call for experiments is open and you can submit your proposals until June 29th. On May 20th we organized the first briefing on the preparation of proposals. Given the interest raised, we considered to hold a second event to assist potential applicants in this process.

During this second event we will focus on performing an individual and personalized assistance to all those who show interest in participating, in order to refine their proposals and align them so that their chances of success are maximized. After an initial overall OrganiCity presentation, the focus will be put into working directly with the proposals and resolve any questions that may arise.

In addition, we will also prepare, for those interested, a system to contact other participants to exchange ideas, find synergies and complement skills. Are you a social experimenter in need for a technician to analyze data? Or maybe you are a skilled coder looking for a good idea to apply. Come and let other applicants know!

Register here for Thursday, June 9th, 17:00 – 20:00


OrganiCity Open Call Santander Clinic (May)

Enclave Pronillo, Calle Gral. Dávila, 129, 39010 Santander

The OrganiCity open call for experiments is well underway. With the first deadline less than two months away, we are delighted to offer face-to-face assistance in Santander as part of the application process.

Join the OrganiCity partners at Enclave Pronillo on Friday 20th May to learn more about the OrganiCity platform, the open call application process and anything else relating to the OrganiCity project.

In addition to handling your enquiries, we’ll host some networking and collaboration activities. If you’re looking for collaborators, this is the place to do it!

Register here for Friday, 20th May, 17:00 – 19:30

Don’t forget – use the OrganiCity Santander Facebook page to connect with potential collaborators – and if you need inspiration, OrganiCity Scenarios is now online with lots of great ideas.



The Egg, Barastraat 175 Rue Bara, Brussels

The Net Futures 2016 will take place on 20 and 21 April 2016 in Brussels and gather over 1.000 attendees.

With the aim of maximizing the competitiveness of the European technology industry the Net Futures conference forms an interconnected community involving companies, organizations and people in

  • Research & Innovation
  • Market Validation & Living Lab Research
  • Business Development, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Strategy
  • Policy Making

Net Futures is an attempt to bridge the gaps between these communities in order to help innovations find their way to the market more easily and effectively.

OrganiCity will be there at the “Open & Agile Smart Cities” stand along with Select4Cities. All of these initiatives are working together to create a digital single market for innovative smart urban solutions. Stop by to learn more about how we’re working across Europe, or to get more details on the OrganiCity open call.


OrganiCity at Citizen Focus Webinar: “Inclusive Smart Cities”


OrganiCity will be presented by John Lynch of Future Cities Catapult with aparticular focus on our principles for engagement in co-creation of smarter cities. This short presentation will be useful for cities who wish to adopt some of the OrganiCity strategy and understand the considerations involved in engaging and sustaining a community of experimenters in the urban context.



Biblioteca Central de Cantabria, C/ Ruiz de Alda 19, Santander

This event forms part of the set of activities that will take place from 1st to 5th February, 2016, in more than 40 countries and 200 cities under the umbrella of the STARTUP EUROPE WEEK.

Startup Europe Week is an initiative of Startup Europe / European Commission to celebrate entrepreneurship with the peculiarities of European culture. In this sense, a set of events, workshops and speeches are held with specific relevancy to the local reality.

Santander City Council was invited by local organizers, Distrito Beta Coworking Center, CISE – International Center Santander Entrepreneurship and Ejecant – Youth Entrepreneurship College of Cantabria from Government of Cantabria, to give a speech about resources and business opportunities in the Santander Smart City context.

The whole event will take place on 4th February at ‘Biblioteca Central de Cantabria’ (C/ Ruiz de Alda, 19, Santander) from 17h to 20h. More information and registering at XING Events (in Spanish).



Business initiatives center “Plaza de México”, Calle Alta 133, Santander

The involvement in recent years of Santander in European innovation projects related to the Smart City paradigm has transformed Santander in an ideal environment for new business opportunities related to Information and Communication Technologies. Santander offers an outstanding infrastructure for entrepreneurship or developing business tests at real scale.

In this event, several Santander City Council’s officers will present Santander’s activities related to Smart Cities and innovation to local entrepreneurs and SMEs. The most suitable instruments and tools for aiding entrepreneurs and SMEs to develop and finance their ideas and projects will be explained, including the open calls associated with European financed projects in which the city participates.

After the presentation, further discussion will be held in a workshop style.



Enclave Pronillo, Santander

Join us in Santander on Wednesday 26th or Thursday 27th August for our OrganiCity Focus Group session, focusing on how to participate in the development of a better city. Contribute with your personal feelings and daily life experience and help us lay out how technology could cover those needs. OrganiCity is pushing for co-creation and your input will mean a step towards our common goal.

If you’d like to participate, please contact with Santander City Council Neighbourhoods Councillorship.