31 Mar 2017

Weekly Experimenter News Updates




Read Colour In City’s latest blog post documenting their journey and watch a video about their project in Lambeth:

How Do We Make Things Together?

For four months, a mix of individuals with distinct and overlapping interests and expertise encompassing service design, data, and social innovation became a team, ‘Colour-in City’. We came together to experiment, to make, to learn. So, how did we do it? And would we do it again? Click here to find out.

Colour-in City from hello@colourincity.com on Vimeo.


We’ve made some big steps this week and we’re very pleased to report that our data is now fully uploaded via the API. We’ve used this to create assets in the Urban Data Observatory and a new app on Tinkerspace.

The app is being tested by our beta users, including some co-creation with our network at Rain Cloud Victoria. Their feedback will help us improve our data offerings while highlighting the potential for future Organicity developments.

Screen Shot App 2


Smart Buddy is arriving to the end of its experimentation and beta-testing phase. It has been several months of meetings with neighborhood associations, presentations to students and hard work in social media which leave a high number of recommendations on our platform and many followers on our social media channels. From the next week, the management will be shared with the municipality. Before that, we will have a final goodbye with neighbors in an event at Santander City Hall together with the Mayor and the Alderman of Tourism. There, we will reward them for their cooperation with paper maps of their area that include many of their recommendations.


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