24 Mar 2017

Weekly Experimenter News Updates




These last two weeks our work has not been especially exciting, but since we started our experiment we knew this moment would come. These days we have been focused on fixing errors obtained from the cross join of many data between schedules, bus lines and trips. They are lots of variations to keep in mind. In addition, we improved the code of our program to optimize the analysis of this data. On the other hand, we have created assets with the itineraries of the 33 bus routes of the city of Santander. This information has been created for our experiment and we think it may be useful for other Organicity users.

What is our next goal?
Next week we plan to work on a new version of the GTFS real-time feed generator. We hope that it will become the definitive version and we will be able to provide real-time information about the bus service of Santander for any trips plannig app.


Two weeks ago we showed you how pedestrians and vehicles distribute differently across the day in Worship Street. This time we want to make a cross-country comparison. The plots show the typical flow of vehicles along a week in Worship St. (top row), versus the same flow on a similar road in Florence, Italy (that’s actually our HQ). There are two clearly visible, yet completely different patterns: in London, vehicle’s flow has its maximum during the weekend; in Florence, vehicle’s flow has its maximum on a workday. This is probably the measurable effect of two radically different mobility models: London, with its super-efficient public transport system, and Florence, where private mobility is still the population’s preferred choice.



We are glad to announce that our website will be up and running from this afternoon! It includes more than 280 points of interest and several routes that have been created by neighbours and students of the Altamira Tourism School.
In our website you will be able to find also a description of the 4 areas in which we have divided the city and the information contained in the platform about those areas. We are also launching our promotional video in Spanish. Toñín welcomes you to Santander!


Research[x]Design has been refining the visualization output function in ASCII art. They also have been preparing the public visualization toolkit for showcasing at the datapublics conference at Lancaster University.


This week’s AirPublic updates can be summarised in this Tweet:


MyCityBeauty is now available in Google Play store for testing. Some instability reported, but the app is being continuously improved. The most important thing: the co-creation process is opened for everyone who wants to mix a city beauty with personal physical strength to share with others. If you don’t want to co-create it, then just enjoy the beauty: subscribe to be notified when one of your favourite topics is posted. And “like it” to make it more easily available (top ranking). Co-joy!


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