3 Mar 2017

Weekly Experimenter News and Events




We’re nearing the end of our involvement with OrganiCity, an EU-funded project that asks: how can we create good future cities using digital technology, data, co-creation and experimentation?

Our focus has been on whether it’s possible to use digital technology for long-term data collection in order to track, measure, understand and improve wellbeing.

We’ve been exploring this question alongside parents living in overcrowded homes and the services that support them.



We have encountered some setbacks which have hindered our progress since our last report. We have not been able to create a prototype due to issues with the Organicity tools (accessing the Urban Data Observatory and authorising APIs). We have requested help from the tech team and hope that we will soon be able to complete our prototype and begin testing.

We will be testing it with fellow experimenters and members of the Rain Cloud Victoria startup hub.

We are actively looking for citizens to help us test our experiment. If you are interested in understanding how government spends money, from a transparency, anti-corruption or business perspective, please get in touch: contact@openopps.com.


MobiliCity has now included an annotated public map for anyone to add comments on accessibility. It can be accessed at https://mobilicity.london/location/public_map. Comments are public but anonymous. We continue to collect data privately as well from our volunteers.


Friday morning, February 24th, we were again in London to install some new TrafficFlow sensors! Thanks to the precious help of Hackney Borough, we found the collaboration of the Open Data Institute in London. They lent us one of their windows and a network connection, and they are now hosting a sensor that monitors the junction between Worship St. and Clifton St. Data are already flowing to our servers and you will soon get some report!



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