21 May 2015

Santander Smart City Co-creation Workshop with LEGO® Serious Play®



On 21th and 22th May a co-creation workshop was held in Santander promoted by the City Council Entrepreneurship Initiatives Centre.

The workshop was attended by 20 IT and urban development entrepreneurs and also by municipality services innovation staff.


Lego® SeriousPlay® methodology was used with the aim of having interaction among people and the application of metaphors and Complex Problem Solving techniques and the business models 3D design to ease the solutions, services and applications generation suitable to be feasible business activities.

During the workshop, a large amount of ideas appeared and were subject to elaboration.  The collaboration between members of municipality staff with knowledge about practical constraints and the fresh point of view of entrepreneurs led to richer and better thought-out project ideas.

One of the tackled issues was the everyday traffic problems produced by taking kids to school and picking them up.  The quality of results obtained through this kind of collaboration in such a creative environment has made the City Council to think about including aspects of this methodology in the general procedures for further co-creation workshops.




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