30 Nov 2015

Santander opens a new citizen participation process



Santander City Council is going to apply for European funds in order to co-finance a project purposed to improve and develop one of its neighbours or urban areas.

Mrs. Noelia Espinosa, Councillor of Employment and Business Development, has presented the platform which is under the European Union Integrated Strategy for Sustainable Urban Development initiative, which aims to promote a smart, sustainable and integrated economic growth of urban areas through measures in social, employment, mobility, technology and environment among others.

The City Council has performed an initial assessment and has defined seven city areas to be eligible for the action and now, it opens a citizen participation process and an expert committee evaluation in order to select one of them.

The selected seven areas are: the historical center, Castilla-Hermida and Fishermen Neighbour, S-20 road surroundings, rural space in northern part of the city (Valdenoja, Cueto, Monte y La Albericia), the Sardinero seaside façade, north hillside of General Dávila street and the industrial zone in Nueva Montaña.

Citizens will be able to make contributions within a month through www.adsantander.es/domus. And for less Internet-skilled people, information points are setup trough the telecentre network throughout the city.

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