3 Jun 2015

Next milestone in Santander: the Smart City Platform to be awarded

SantanderSmart City Platform


Working towards the integration of the smart city concept in Santander, the City Council has recently published a call for tenders for Smart City Platform service procurement and its project technical office. The bidding process has been made with a 2.2 million Euros budget and a contract period of 4 years for both development and implementation.  7 firms have submitted tenders.

The Smart City Platform initiative will constitute the Santander ‘brain’ and consolidates the SmartSantander innovation project funded by FP7. The platform will be an IT central core infrastructure that will be fed with data from SmartSantander sensors, records generated by municipality services and any other city concerning information.

The data integration activities will be tackled in parallel with those related to its publishing through the Santander open data portal.  At a first stage, all municipality services will take advantage of the shared data but afterwards, a knowledge layer will be added to produce more elaborated assessments owing to the ‘big data’ paradigm.

Thanks to the open data flow an increase in co-creation and IT innovative and entrepreneurship activities are expected in next future.

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