17 May 2016

Learn more about the OrganiCity Tools & APIs


We’re delighted to release the first public draft of our Experimentation-as-a-Service facility description. If you are planning to apply for the OrganiCity open call this document will serve to introduce many of the technology tools which are available to you as well as provide architectural overviews and scenarios of use for the tools and services.

This document is in draft form, but represents the basis for experimentation-as-a-service for the 2016 open calls.

Remember, if you have questions about the tools, services or the open call process you are welcome to contact helpdesk@organicity.eu or to attend a local clinic for open call applicants being held in Aarhus, London or Santander over the coming months. More details on our events page.

The Experimentation as a Service description can be downloaded here.

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