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OrganiCity is a platform for interaction between everyone in the city. Citizens, activists, researchers, businesses, city government – everyone in the city can contribute. Through workshops, meetups, conferences and events, and online via discussion boards and other platforms, social media and a growing set of online tools, you can get involved to highlight the ways you think smart technology can help make your city a better place to live, work and play.


As the OrganiCity smart platform is being built, to meet the vision set through citizen discussions, constant input and feedback is required and encouraged. What data do you need? What devices do you wish to connect? How should OrganiCity call for experiments? How can we make that experimentation easier? Together, the city, businesses, researchers and citizens can create a better, more inclusive, more accessible smart city.  


The OrganiCity platform is yours to experiment upon. Connecting our cities, and providing local data in each, OrganiCity will invite and support your experiments through two open calls. Every experiment will increase understanding of the possibilities made available through the platform, will help OrganiCity itself mature, and will bring us closer to a smarter more liveable city of the future.

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